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  • Messenger Package (Academy)
  • $ 49
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  • For all your training needs.
  • Guardian Package
  • $ 149
    Staring at...
  • For strategic social media analysis.
  • Arch Package
  • $ 479
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  • For custom social media content.
  • Peace Package
  • $ 589
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  • For comprehensive social media development.

What you need to know:

All businesses or individuals interested in ordering the Guardian, Arch, or Peace packages must schedule a complementary 30-minute consultation. “Purchase” buttons, above, will prompt visitors to schedule a consultation with an Elysium Social consultant. Consultations allow Elysium Social to understand a prospective client’s needs in order to determine if the requested partnership is optimal. Completing a consultation does not guarantee the confirmation of a package being purchased, nor does it guarantee Elysium Social as a confirmed consultant for an individual or business.


Do you have questions about our packages or consultations?

Please contact hello@elysiumsocial.com